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Browse and Buy

You don’t need an account to browse items, contact a seller or buy an item; just take a look around and contact anyone you want. However, if you sign up for an account, we will be able to keep you in the loop (via newsletters) about what’s available and newly listed.

Find an item you like and send a private message to the seller directly on that page.

Find items close to home or across the country

Pay with a secure payment option. We only recommend PayPal or because they protect both the buyer and the seller. Both services offer strong protection in the event that an item isn’t shipped or isn’t as described when it arrives, giving you complete peace of mind.

Using PayPal: Both buyer and seller set up PayPal accounts and seller “requests money” from buyer.
Using Both buyer and seller set up Escrow accounts, and either the buyer or seller initiates the transaction.

Seller ships item using her own shipping supplies.

Account Setup

  • Step 1

In the upper right corner of the screen there will be two options:


Click the ‘Sign Up Here‘ tab to start the process.

  • Step 2

This will bring you to the Register screen with options to choose from. You can create an account using your name and email address, or simply connect through your personal Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account:


  • Step 3

Once a registration method is chosen and accepted, you will be taken to your new profile page where you can add a profile picture and your contact information. The only aspect that is required by is a valid email address.


Listing an Item

  • Step 1

Follow the same registration steps highlighted above for a new account. If you have already created an account, please use the Log In tab and proceed to your profile.

  • Step 2

Once logged into the website, a new option in the header becomes available:


Click the Create New Listing tab to start the process.

  • Step 3

When clicked, the page will change and the option to list information about the item you are selling (all of which are required) will appear:


  • Step 3A

The option to add images and/or video is available before publishing the listing:


Multiple images can be selected and added at once, and videos can be uploaded/embedded, as well. This is a great way to give prospective buyers a better of idea of the condition, color and details of the items you are hoping to sell.

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