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About Bridal Garage Sales

Simply put, Bridal Garage Sales is a place to buy and sell wedding items, courtesy of a company that knows weddings.

Bridal Garage Sales’ mission is to ensure that brides and grooms have every opportunity to make the most of their wedding day experience, even after that day has passed. We know how much time and effort goes into planning your dream wedding, (not to mention the cost) and these garage sales have proven to be a great place for vendors and brides alike to connect in one convenient, set location.

This wasn’t enough, however; we wanted to do more.

We knew a virtual garage sale 365 days a year would be the next step in helping couples get the best deals anywhere, anytime. From there, BridalGarageSales.com was created.

Not only can brides-to-be benefit from the deals listed on Bridal Garage Sales, but we also saw this as an opportunity our past brides to clean out their wedding trunks and help new brides at the same time. Whether it be the expensive pair of wedding shoes that you know you’ll never wear again, or the hundreds of handmade napkin rings that you spent weeks working on, we want to give you the platform you need to make a return on your investment.

Everyone needs a hand from family sometimes, and we hope that BridalGarageSales.com can be that hand that you need.

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